Advanced Wound Concepts is dedicated to developing an education program that imparts necessary knowledge to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Education is paramount to successfully achieve healing of existing wounds and more importantly prevention of recurrence and the development of new wounds.


Patient Education


As part of our practice, we constantly educate patients, nurses, and caregivers on good wound care practices. We have written patient education material that is made available to patients. This information is specific to their type of wound (pressure / venous / arterial / diabetic / burn) and covers the causation elements as well as the different modalities of treatment.



Healthcare Provider Education


We provide in-service training for healthcare providers on several topics relating to wound assessment, prevention, and treatment. These presentations usually target nursing and CNA staff in the Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Agencies.



Wound Management Seminars


We also provide a two day seminar on wound management directed at healthcare providers. The seminar is given on a quarterly basis. The curriculum will impart very practical wound care knowledge and is a very good preparation for wound care certification examinations.