Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer ?

Our skilled and dedicated wound care physician offers an excellent mobile wound care consultation service for homebound patients. It is accomplished conveniently, effectively, and compassionately at the patient's bedside in their familiar home environment. The benefits for the patient and their family members or caregivers are tremendous. We also try to work in coordination with Home Health Care Agencies and the patient's primary care physician when they are involved in the care of a patient.


What is your coverage area?

Our Mobile Physician Wound Care Consultation Service covers Hillsborough county.


What type of wounds do you treat?

Dr. Leger has extensive wound care experience and will evaluate and treat all types of wound. It's important to remember that treating and healing wounds requires a team effort. There may be a need to involve different specialists while treating more complex wounds. If necessary, he will try to coordinate the team with the common goal of healing wounds. Specialists that may be consulted include surgeons, plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, and infectious disease physicians.


Who pays for the wound care visits?

The visits are usually covered by Medicare Part B as a physician medical visit. Please call should you require more information.


How can we make an appointment ?

Please call 813-413-6780 or use the different options on the contact page. With referrals, we will try to perform our first visit and assessment within a week. During the first visit, we will explain our services in greater details and set up an appropriate visit schedule. At times, we will try to coordinate our visit with the Home Health nurse's visit in order to facilitate communication.


What can I expect during a house call visit?

We usually schedule a visit within a week after we receive a referral or request for appointment for a wound care evaluation. We should be able to give you an approximate time during the day. We will call prior to the visit if we need to change the time. Due to traffic conditions, it's always possible to give an exact time but we should get there within a one hour window.

That initial visit will include obtaining a detailed past history and pertinent physical examination. We will then establish a comprehensive treatment plan and we leave time to answer any questions you may have. The patient - physician communication is one of our strengths.

We will then schedule follow-up appointments, usually on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the progress of wound healing.